1 Whale & 50 Salmon at Four Seasons Vancouver

If you pass by Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver lobby today, you'll probably notice that the beloved Ghost Salmon exhibit that has been there since the beginning of the year, has been replaced. In its place is the next installment of the Ghost Salmon series: 1 Whale & 50 Salmon. Created by Anna Gustafson, of Salt Spring Island's Blue Horse Gallery, the piece features prints of 19th century wood engravings of orcas and salmon. Can you spot the whale in the school of salmon?

If you look closely you can see that behind the salmon and whale are some script. These are actually the names and pod designations of the Southern resident Orcas living in our local waters, which eat only wild pacific salmon exclusively! This further illustrates the importance of our wild Pacific salmon and how we should pay attention to issues of sustainability and the environment; other animals' lives depend on them! Anna wanted to the style of the script to be reminiscent of waves. I think it really makes the salmon pop and gives a certain depth to them.   

Across from the main exhibit is a companion piece, Field Notes, which are the notes that the artist made while creating this masterpiece. It also illustrates the areas of the whale that ended up in the main artwork.

The new exhibit is different but still pretty cool in its own way. There will be more exhibits in the series on the way; Anna Gustafson tells me that she's working on a bear and a wolf! Both are some of my favourite animals! Can't wait to see them!

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