Daily Zen Doodles: 365 Tangle Creations for Inspiration, Relaxation and Mindfulness

Life goes so fast these days that we hardly have time to stop and relax. Daily Zen Doodles helps with that - doodling has been shown to relax the mind. This book contains prompts for you to fill in with repetitive patterns or doodles however you like; one prompt for each day of the year.

The first few pages contain prompts that are already filled in to give you inspiration with your own drawings. There is no right or wrong on how to do this. It is just an exercise to calm, clear and focus your mind. Each prompt also contains an inspirational or thoughtful quote, which you can use to incorporate in your doodles or not - your choice.

Some prompts are of actual objects,

while others are just squiggles or patterns.

Here are my first doodles. My mind seems to be a bit chaotic. Haha.

This is a nice little book that helps you bring out your creative side. Drawing takes practice and it is the same with quieting your mind; only practice makes perfect. It is a nice portable size but each page does give you enough space to draw. I love the inspiring quotes on each page. I can see myself sitting down with this book everyday with a cup of tea and let my creative juices run wild!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the Daily Zen Doodles from Ulysses Press free of charge for review. The opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own and have not been influenced in any other way.

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