Tasty Indian Bistro

Last week, I attended a VIP culinary experience event at Tasty Indian Bistro, located in Delta. When I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the place looked; it stood out from everything else in the area.

The owner was going for an "Indian Cactus Club" feel and I think they absolutely nailed it; it was a very beautiful space. 

A lot of the decor was imported from India.

I loved the large exotic lanterns. 

The evening started with drinks and appetizers. Loved the mango lassi shots!

Little bites of Sev Puri. They have a crunchy shell and soft yummy insides!

Cocktail Chicken Samosa.

My favourite of the appetizers was the Chilli Mushroom!

Owner Inder Saini, son of late Avtar Saini, who's dream was to have customers dine like Indian royalty; Inder fulfilled his father's dream three years ago with the opening of Tasty Indian Bistro.

Dinner was served!

We had some Tasty Indian Bistro's best dishes family style. Aloo Gobi, Portobello Mushroom Curry, Kadahi Lamb, Halibut Curry, Pudina Chicken Tikka, served with rice and naan to soak up the delicious sauces. They all had really bold flavours and good amount of spices. They also gave us a small bucket of some yogurty sauce to sooth the mouths of those who can't take the heat (i.e. me). Everything looked and tasted great!

The evening ended with a delicious dessert - a sweet syrup soaked dumpling in rice pudding. By itself the dumpling would be way too sweet but the less sweet rice milk balanced it out.

If you are in the area and craving Indian, I'd definitely recommend checking Tasty Indian Bistro out!

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