LPA - Serving Up Fresh Microgreens, Havested When Ordered

Living Produce Aisle held their grand opening in Yaletown last Saturday. They are not a conventional smoothie/salad shop; they grow their own microgreens in store and harvest them right when you order!

They use a green house system called Urban Cultivator to grow the microgreens. They also sell flats of microgreens if you rather make the smoothies or salads yourself. It is this system that started it all. Urban Cultivators were on Dragon's Den and got the support of Arlene Dickinson.

Aisles of greens growing in store. Many restaurants are becoming interested in these. You can't get any fresher than this. Each unit is fully automated - self watering, light control, ventilation.

There are smaller Urban Cultivators for purchase for those who want to grow microgreens at home.

So many types of microgreens - pea shoots, sunflower, wheatgrass, kale, sorell, etc. etc.

Benefits of microgreens: they are organically grown, have high nutrition levels, higher enzyme count, increased essential fatty acids and fibre, increased bio-availability of minerals and protein and tasty!

Here's one of the staff making a salad with the microgreens.

 Watch staff harvesting those microgreens for the smoothie that you just ordered!

Mixed greens with two microgreens grown in-house topped with organic dried cranberries and hazelnuts. Mmmm!

I tried some samples of Garden of Eden and Morning Sun. Garden of Eden is sweeter while morning sun is more "green". I prefer Garden of Eden.

Garden of Eden smoothie.

In the back of the shop, there's a sitting area equipped with WI-FI.

This is pretty cool shop and is sure to do well with everyone moving toward being more health conscience and it's as local as you can get!

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