Burdock & Co.

Now that I live around Main Street, I have a plethora of restaurants near me to choose from for dinner. Last Wednesday, I chose to try Burdock & Co. with my sis. I learned first learned of Burdock & Co. and Chef Andrea Carlson at the inaugural Slow Fish Mystery Chefs Dinner last fall and wanted to visit since. Burdock & Co. is looks like an inconspicuous place at the corner of Main and 11th.

Inside, I love the decor, the brick and different wood panelling on the walls and ceiling.

The setting was charming. The waitress served us sparkling water (I wasn't expecting that!) and informed us that the plates are best shared and should order about 2-3 dishes per person.

Pacific Octopus and Leek Terrine, Castelvetrano Olive Gremolata, Sherry Ice, Smoked Almond 15
K was dead set on ordering the octopus and I didn't dissuade her - I wanted it, too! We were warned prior to coming by friends that the portion size of the plates were small. I agree. They were more like tapas with full size dish price, but I was expecting this going into the restaurant so was not surprised. The octopus was delicious. It is a cold plate, beautifully plated with good flavour. I joked that we pay for the plating. I mean, the more delicate the plating, the more expensive the dish, right?

Grilled Beef Tongue, Morels, Fiddleheads, Smoked Mackerel and Pickle Mayo 16
Next we tried the beef tongue. I loved this dish as well. Everything on it was delicious. Tongue was so tender, the fiddleheads and morels gave the dish an earthiness. And I usually don't like mayo, but this stuff was so good! I loved the mackerel mixed in it. It was so good that I even ate the mayo by itself!

Yarrow Meadows Duck Breast, East Van Roasters Cocoa Nib and Lingonberry Granola 22
The duck was ok, a little chewy. I appreciated the dehydrated lingonberries and potatoes but this dish was just ho-hum.

The waitress was right. 3 plates per person...but I couldn't afford that much =S. Hahah. We were still a little hungry so we went for a sushi roll a few doors down. Haha. Perfect end.

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