5 New Foods to Try at Richmond Night Market

The Richmond Night Market is now open and this year there's a few new food items I've seen floating around. The night market is pretty packed even with the $2.75 admission fee. This year's theme is LolliDuck's Pirate Adventure. Pretty much a mix of candy and pirates and ducks! The main attraction at this Richmond Night Market is the variety of food it offers.

5 New Foods to Try

1. BIG WHOLE FRIED FISH. It's big. I can't imagine eating one of these by yourself. Grab a friend or two or three!

2. Fish Sticks! Everyone likes things on sticks.

I was expecting something like Fish and Chips but the texture was not like that at all. It is a very light texture. More like fish balls or cubes (for hot pot) that have been cut thinly into a long strip and put on a stick. I tried the garlic one.

3. LED Cotton Candy. They weren't actually selling these when I was there. They said tomorrow.

 4. Bubble Pop. If you like your drink spewing vapour, this is what you'd get.

They use a big cup, add some dry ice and water then pop a smaller cup with your drink inside the bigger one.

5. Rotato. Ok, Rotato isn't new at all but what is is the Throne of Rotato they set up! Game of Thrones fans will appreciate the reference!

If you buy two Rotatos, you get to sit on the Throne of Rotato to take a picture.

There was actually another food item. These very tall ice creams. Nobody was purchasing one so I couldn't take a picture.

After eating, you may want to check out LolliDuck's Pirate ship! It's made of candy and sweets...

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