Meet the Makers of Strathcona

Strathcona is one of Vancouver's oldest neighbourhoods and has its roots in manufacturing. Today, more than 850 members from the manufacturing, retail, dining, creative, and more sectors call Strathcona home. The free to attend, Made in Strathcona Meet the Makers Expo on Saturday, June 13th, 2015 was held at Makers Lab to celebrate the local independent businesses and community of Strathcona.

VeloMetro Mobility showed off their Alpha mechanical prototype. They are looking to create a new option of sustainable personal transportation that's a cross between a smartcar and a bike. It will be fully human powered so riders will not need a license to operate it.

Yew Woodshop, a shared wood design and production studio had lots of beautiful pieces on display.

 Several coffee shops were letting people sample their brands of coffee including Goliath Coffee,

and A.G.R.O. Roasters.

Divine Lights had cool, beautiful works of art on display. Each latticework features unique video media specific to that design.

Propellor specializes in lighting, furniture and sculptures. They showed attendees the process of making their Range lightbox series. Beautiful!

Sunrise Tofu set up a learning station to show the different stages in the process of making tofu.

Throughout the event, select local businesses presented what they do on stage. Here the folks from Yolk's Breakfast showed us how they make a eggs Benedict.

 This one is new on their menu: duck confit eggs Benedict.

There were lots of food to try at the event. Ed's Daily is a cafe and also does catering. They were serving a delicious kale and soba salad packaged in cute little take out boxes.

The Butler Did It Catering Co. served the hungry public pork and beef tacos.

 Savory Chef was making yummy takoyaki!

In the beer garden, Postmark Brewing challenged people to build their own ideal beer. Tweet or Instagram your idea with the hashtags and tag @postmarkbrewing. If they like it, they will make it and you win stuff!

Attendees were invited to "Play the Blox" to step into a member of the community and re-imagine how the neighbourhood would look through their eyes.

Above hung a cool ROCKET SHIP made by @Karlmsimmons at the Makers Lab!

These businesses and more where at the Meet the Makers Expo. It was a great event that put local businesses in the spotlight and showcased the diverse, locally made goods and foods made in Strathcona!

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