Food Galore at Hawkers Fest

Hawkers Market put on their biggest event yet, on Saturday, May 30th, 2015, at Rocky Mountaineering Station.

Thanks to Flook, admission to the Hawkers Fest was free. Flook is a new buy and sell app by Kijiji available now on iOS and Android.

It was a full house and the event was sold out few days prior. I met up with Sophia from Zomato and also met a few other cool food bloggers/Instagrammers: ALifeWellConsumed, iamjust.steph, ES_YenYaru__, JessicaYet, and alexhela0621. There were so many new and interesting food vendors it was hard to chose which one to start at!

Some Flook vendors were also at Hawkers selling their wares like these funky mason bee houses.


I really loved the funky doodles that Sausages by Mike Scorgie had on their sign and table.

Sausages by Mike Scorgie

Dinner by Bayan adding some finishing touches on his Mango & Persimmon lollipop with soy and umami. I tried it and wasn't really sure about pairing the soy with the fruity taste. Maybe I should have gone with the PB & J lolly. =/
PB & J with Nutella Powder

Mushroom Crackers Flavours of Pho and Steelhead Trout Pastrami on Rye (Juno Kim)

Cork and Fin's Braised Veal Cheeks were divine! So tender! Mmmm.

Heritage Canadian Bakery was selling four kinds of cruffins - croissant x muffins.

I heard that these sold out later on in the night.
Tried a bit of the Lemon Meringue Cruffin. Delicious.

The most popular item there had to be Hugo's Churros ice cream sandwich. There was always a huge line up for them. Eat it fast because it melts in 5 seconds.

Prema Chai, a Chai spiced tea vendor, had someone doing free Henna tattoos! The catch is that their brand name is part of the tattoo. The artist did different designs though and sometimes the name was really blended into design!

Outside, we had a gathering of food trucks.

One of the trucks that caught my eye was Nice Vice, which was selling vegan ice cream. I shared all the flavours with other bloggers I met at the event.

They have a coconut juice and sweet potato as a base. I think I'd rank them: Strawberry Fiends Forever, Tripped Out Tropical, Lemonhead then Chocoholics Anonymous. They all had a bit of grit to them and sometimes I could taste the coconut, especially in the Lemonhead. I thought the Chocoholics Anonymous was too dense tasting. It reminded me of a brownie.

Pulled Pork Sandwich from Fliptop Filipino Fusion. Looked amazing!

Spicy Ham and Pineapple Pizza from Community Pizzeria. Not bad but the pineapple juice made it soggy...

Tubify has the coolest freezer!

They sell fruit/veggie freezies. I tried the Tropical Storm Mango, which is mango, coconut milk and coconut meat. Yum! Way better than the sugar water they sell in stores.

The line to get it was still super long when I left! It was a super delicious and fun event!

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