I took the family out to see Cavalia yesterday and I really enjoyed it!. Currently located at the Olympic Village, Cavalia is an extravagant show that explores the relationship between humans and horses. It features acrobats, dancers, riders, 49 horses as well as musicians and a vocalist. It is hard to pick a favourite moment in the show but if I had to choose, the segment that I loved the most is where two girls fly over riders on two beautiful white horses. The flying acrobat is suppose to embody the spirit of the horse and they did it very successfully; they are so graceful. I also enjoyed the roman riding and fast paced segment where the riders do tricks while riding galloping horses. Awesome.

Cavalia has extended their stay in Vancouver to May 1st so there's still time to go! It doesn't matter if you are a horse lover or not, you will really enjoy it and be amazed at how connected these beautiful animals are with their trainers.

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