Spring Flowers and Cherry Blossoms


Finally my daffodils are blooming! My garden seems to be a very late bloomer. The daffodils in Richmond were in bloom several weeks already and mine have only started end of last week! Still I love them. The first photo is, I think, suppose to be Dasystemon Tarda tulips but mine are more white then yellow! D= They are still pretty though. I find it fascinating that the flowers close up when there is no sun! Also blooming are the Grape Hyacinth. I have planted a pink variety! I made a mistake in planting though. I should have moved the daffodils and tulips a row back. They are blocking some shorter bulbs from being seen. Oh well. Live and learn!

Elsewhere in the city, several varieties of Cherry blossoms are in full bloom and so are the Magnolias! The one in my garden is a 'Betty' and it tends to bloom a little later than regular magnolias. I really can't wait! I love cherry blossoms so much. Maybe next year I should purchase a tree! The problem becomes the size of my garden though. LOL I love spring!

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