Textuality - Movie Review

Textuality is about how texting has changed the way we handle our relationships. The film starts with a flashback history of a guy named Breslin (Jason Lewis). A series of short clips and pictures shows how a disastrous breakup his fiancee lead to his current situation - juggling a roster lackluster relationships with three different women which he manages through BBM and Skype. His outlook on life changes when he accidentally hits Simone (Carly Pope) with his car. Unbeknownst to Breslin, Simone also has a roster of three men while an affair with a married man who is promising to leave his wife for her. Both try to get out of their multiple relationships and try to get together with each other. Things take a turn for the worst when all the women in Breslin's life, including Simone, find out about his other relationships, one of which turns out to be Simone's art teacher!

The movie was ok. Funny at times but I couldn't relate to the characters very much. At least it was a happy ending. The film puts an emphasis on the one-to-one relationships instead of the texting and online relationships that is all too prevalent in today's society. And rightly so! I am guilty of living my life online as well. Hahaha. We were the only ones in the theatre yesterday night...but to be fair there was a tense Canucks game going on.

Thank you @VIAGiveaways for the tickets!

Textuality is in theatres now.

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