African Cats - Movie Review

Filmed in the vast and beautiful Masai Mara reserve in Kenya, Disney's African Cats follows two mothers, a lion and a cheetah, as they struggle to raise their cubs in an unforgiving world full of dangers. The film focuses on a lioness Layla and her cub Mara as well as Sita, a mother cheetah, who is raising five newborn cubs. Samuel L. Jackson narrates this touching story of the ups and downs of life in the savanna as the mothers and their offspring experience courage, love, loss and dangers that threaten their very existence.

This is the third feature film by Disneynature, which previously brought us Earth and Oceans; it is a nature documentary but tells it as sweet story about the power of a mother's love. The film offers stunning cinematic and sweeping panoramic shots as well as close shots that let you experience the life in the lions' pride and the cheetah family up close and personal. Breathtaking is short of describing the beautiful and majestic kings of the savanna. An awesome soundtrack accompanies the film which enhances the deep emotions that the dramatic story will trigger. The script is works but gets cheesy at times; it targets children who will no doubt appreciate the simplicity of the narration and the lesson it teaches: there is nothing more powerful than a mother's love.

African Cats opens in theatres on Earth Day, this Friday April 22, 2011. You can also help save the Savanna by pledging to see the film. For every ticket purchased during opening week, Disneynature will make a donation to the African Wildlife Foundation. Make your pledge here!

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