Hop - Movie Review

The first ever movie about the Easter Bunny, Hop follows E.B. (Russell Brand), the teenage son of the Easter Bunny (Hugh Laurie), who ditches his duties as the next Easter Bunny and runs away to Hollywood to pursue his dream of becoming a drummer. Instead he gets accidentally run over by the out-of-work slacker Fred O'Hare (James Marsden) and then guilts him into letting him stay at the home Fred is house-sitting for his sister's boss. E.B. causes all sorts of trouble in Fred life as he tries to escape the Pink Berets, the Easter Bunny's guards who are tasked to bring E.B. back to Easter Island. Meanwhile, E.B.'s father is having some trouble of his own as Carlos, a power hungry chick, plots to take over and ruin Easter.

Hop is a cute and fun movie that kids will enjoy but can't seem to make up it's mind on whether it is suppose to be a kids' movie or a bad adult movie. There is a joking scene with reference to the Playboy mansion that I'm sure only adults will get. The Mexican accent on an Easter chick seems kind of out of place especially when the bunnies have English accents! Scenes with Carlos are intended to be funny but the jokes don't seem to fly - pardon the pun.  On another note, the animation is amazing! E.B. is so realistic and blends so seamlessly into the live action that it is hard to believe that he was never there. Also E.B. is so adorable! I especially love it when he wriggles his nose! The chicks are cute too except for Carlos - he scares me.

Hop is in theatres Friday, April 1st, 2011.


Several things happened at the screening of Hop today. Being a kids movie, there were a ton of kids being loud and running and jumping around while we waited in line. When suddenly, this little boy pulled down his pants and to the horror of everyone, especially his parents, he relieved himself in the sidewalk! Ewwww!

When we got into the theatre, they handed out raffle tickets for a chance to win a few DVDs. They called everyone up but the last person didn't respond so they redrew and it was my number! I won The Tale of Despereaux! But that's not all...Being that the screening was sponsored by Winners and Homesense, the representatives had taped five $50 giftcards under random seats. Suddenly, the theatre was abuzz with all the children looking under all the seats. I saw a kid find one a couple of rows in front of us. After a while several woman started to look down our row and one of them asked me "Did you look under your seat?!" I had previously felt a little bit under but not completely. So I stood up and lo-and-behold a giftcard! Wow. LOL The other woman then said "That took you long enough! We can finally start the movie!" Hahahah!  

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