Canada Day 2011


It is hard to believe but this is the first time that I've been downtown Canada Place during Canada Day and the first time I've stayed to watch the fireworks! It was very crowded and there were a lot of people dressed up in red and white and had their faces painted with maple leafs. Bands were playing music on the main stage and there were a lot of food stalls around. We spent the day walking around looking at the various booths then headed to toward the city centre in preparation for the parade. Apparently it was also Cannibis Day at the Vancouver Art Gallery and the weed smoke was stinking up the area. People seemed to be selling weed right in the open with the police just a few feet away! The nerve!    The parade was enjoyable. It was about an hour long and had many of different groups participate: multicultural groups, theatre, dancers, singers, cheerleaders, bands. There was even a Star Wars group of Stormtroopers! Translink had a bus in the parade but it said "Not in Service"! I laughed. They should have displayed a "Happy Canada Day!" instead of that. After the parade it was very hard to find a washroom that did not have a humongous line because everyone then headed over to the waterfront to wait for the fireworks! Thankfully, we had tickets to the View for a Change viewing area courtesy of a Canada Place contest so we weren't packed like sardines like at the new Convention Centre.  

We found a place against the rail next to a woman who's daughter's boyfriend was in charge of the fireworks! She let us know that they have been preparing since Tuesday for the show and all sorts of other interesting tidbits about his company. The fireworks were spectacular as expected. The colours were beautiful and the height of the explosions were amazing! It was definitely worth going down for and I plant to go again next year! Happy 144th birthday Canada!

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