Paddle boating at Deer Lake


Went paddle boating at Deer Lake, Burnaby on Saturday. There was beautiful weather the entire day - a welcome change from the dreary weather we'd been experiencing this past week. It was very peaceful to be on the lake. Many people also came out to enjoy the weather. The boat rental place was very busy and some people were even fishing!

Thousands of lily pads framed the peripheral of the lake. There were a lot of blue dragon fluttering about especially near the water's edge. There were also moths that loved to land on our boat...and us. My friends didn't really like them for this reason. I think they look cute! We also saw a few huge black and white dragonflies. Those kind of scare me because they are so big and when they come near you can hear the sound of their wings buzzing. They look pretty cool though.  

There were many Canada geese on the lake. We liked to herd them around in our paddle boat. They don't seem afraid...I guess they are use this type of behaviour from silly humans all the time.

I loved being out on the lake. Though I think I prefer kayaking. Paddle boating is so noisy and slow!

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