Summer Live at Stanley Park

It was a beautiful sunny day today! Perfect weather for the Summer Live event at Stanley Park. I skytrained downtown and had intended to take the bus or the free shuttle down to Stanley Park but the lineups for both of them were horrendously long! So I started walking instead. It took a while since it's quite far and I also took the scenic route. Lots of people seemed to have the same idea as well. If you are going tomorrow, you might want to walk or ride a bike there instead.
When I finally got to Brockton Point, music was playing on several stages and field was full of people enjoying the sun. Sponsor and activities boothes were set up around the perimeter. There was a big kids zone where all the family activities were being held. Public Dreams had giant Jenga and Twister games going on and there were people teaching guests how to juggle and spin plates. Several booths were dedicated to kite making and other craft activities. In one of them invasive plant species were being used to create art. Most people were weaving them into wreaths.
Later I saw Bollywood dance performance and a giant robotic snake, which I thought was so cool! The BC Lions mascot and other costumed characters were walking around taking pictures with kids. If you get thirsty, no sweat! There were water fountains set up around the site and Dairyland was also there giving away small cartons of chocolate milk and Armstrong Cheese was offering cheese samples to people. The chocolate milk was very popular since it was so hot out. It was great to just kick back in the shade and enjoy the cool milk.
The Mint had there own booth and was hosting a giveaway of a prize pack which includes a Sasquatch coin. You are suppose to find the answers to a quiz which are located on Sasquatch coin signs around the kid zone. But in reality, you only need to fill out the form since they don't check the answers to the quiz.
All the food vendors were located in another area and there the Vancouver Aquarium was giving away coupons and also tickets to the aquarium but only if you manage to spin onto the WIN slot on the wheel. Two players from the BC Lions were at the next booth signing autographs.
After I walked around the entire site, the bus lines heading out of the park was long too so I walked back downtown. I passed by the Rose Garden and snapped a few photos. So pretty and they smelled nice too.
Now I'm pooped! I did so much walking my feet hurt. I had fun though and enjoyed the awesome weather.

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