3rd Annual Mascot Race at Hastings Racecourse


The 3rd annual Mascot Racing was held yesterday at Hastings Racecourse. This event benefits Variety the Childrens Charity. There were a lot of mascots participating this year and several races were held between the furry characters. Every two horse race, a mascot race was held. There were three qualifying rounds and one final race to determine the winner. I didn't stay for entire thing as I had to go prepare for the NKOTBSB concert in the evening but I definitely want to stay until the end next year because it is so fun to watch! The race had two hurdles to hump over this year and many of the mascots are just not built for racing - the poor things. Many of them were fell. Poor Philbert from Purdy's Chocolate fell again and he was doing so well too.

This was also the first time I went to the racecourse to watch the races. Betting on the horses is so confusing! But we decided to try our luck and placed a two dollar bet on horse #5 to win and he won! We had beginners luck. Hahah. We won 80 cents from that bet. We were screaming so loudly when our horse was in the lead racing toward the finish line. I bet everyone could tell we were first-timers! I love watching the horses race. It's so exhilerating. Horses are such beautiful creatures and there is something that I love about their raw power and speed. I will definititely go again. Perhaps next week, since there is Weiner Dog racing next!

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