Dolphin Tale 3D - Movie Review

Sawyer (Nathan Gamble) is a shy boy who has no interest in school and only likes to build remote control helicopters. He is only happy when his elite swimmer cousin Kyle is around but when Kyle leaves for the military, Sawyer grows more withdrawn. One day as he was passing by the beach, he is called to help save a beached dolphin tangled up in a crab trap. He cuts the dolphin free and forms a bond with it before she is taken away to Clearwater Marine Rescue Centre. Sawyer visits the centre every day to visit and help rehabilitate the dolphin, now named Winter by Hazel (Cozi Zuehlsdorff), the daughter of Dr. Clay Haskett (Harry Connick Jr.). However, Winter's tail takes a turn for the worst and had to be amputated. She however surprises everyone by teaching herself how to swim again but her new swimming methods would eventually kill her. Sawyer is determined to save his friend and enlists the help of Dr. McCarth (Morgan Freeman), a prosthetic maker to make Winter a new tail. Meanwhile time is running out for the rescue centre when financial problems continue to  force them to consider selling or close down, leaving Winter's fate a dismal one.

Dolphin Tale is inspirational story of never giving up and the importance of family. It's a great movie that is based on a remarkable true story. It sometimes feels a bit fake - the actors where too enthusiastic or too depressed but still a great cast. As for 3D effects, there were a few: a whole rogue remote control helicopter scene that was probably put in there for the purpose of 3D will delight children as well as diagrams of Winter's new prosthetic tail that floated off the screen. Other than those there weren't many other 3D effects. No 3D splashes of water I can recall. It's a delightful movie that the younger audience as well as dolphin lovers will enjoy.

Dolphin Tail is in theatres September 23, 2011.

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