The Fair at the PNE 2011


I spent the day at the PNE on Saturday with my cousins who were visiting from the US. Also took the parents who haven't been to PNE in almost a decade! They thought that there wasn't as many interesting things to see after the other buildings were torn down. They still enjoyed themselves though. My dad really liked the Prize home. He sat on the bench across from the home dreaming. We bought tickets so fingers crossed!

I heard that attendance was down this year. With the admission fee around twenty dollars, I'm not surprised. It's almost always the same old stuff every year. I'm still wanting to get the Vitamix blender at the Marketplace. Bought my mom one of those garlic/ginger mincer dishes though. She's been wanting that like forever!

New ride: Atmosfear. It reminds me of swing ride above. I guess you go a lot faster and it's higher up.

 Lots of cutesy toys. My cousin's girlfriend won a lot of them lol.

 I always have to go see the SuperDogs at the PNE!


There was a super cute chihuahua doing tricks. I took a clip of the end of the performance. He's saying his prayers before bed!

 Sand sculpture competition.

I thought the metal dragon sculpture was so cool looking.

Amazing Peking acrobats from China.

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