Crabfest at the BoatHouse Restaurant


It is currently Crabfest at the BoatHouse Restaurant and my family being big fans of seafood, decided to try it out. We went to the Richmond location for dinner - taking a big detour when I missed the turn and ended up at the airport so it was about 8pm when we finally arrived.

There was to many options to chose from we took a few minutes to decide what we wanted. The BoatHouse had posted a coupon for $7-10 off 3-course crabfest meals but nobody was up for sirloin (we're not big meat eaters) so we opted for the other dishes.

Crabfest menu
A basket of warm sourdough bread with garlic butter was brought out while we waited for our food. It was super good. Crispy crust and warm soft center. Delicious. 

Fresh out-of-the-oven sourdough bread
with garlic butter
Unfortunately there was a super big party that put in their orders right before we did so we had to wait quite a while before our meals finally arrived. Our waitress gave us another basket of delicious bread while we waited.

My dad was the only one who didn't order something from the crabfest menu. He opted for the sockeye salmon. Yummy.

 Wild Sockeye Salmon with Fingerling Potatoes
Mum ordered the Crab Topped Salmon which normally comes with lemon basil risotto but she doesn't like risotto so it was replaced with garlic mashed potatoes.

Crab & Jumbo Prawn Topped Wild Salmon
My sis and I both ordered dishes that required digging right in with our hands. Yummy crab in the shell! These dishes take a while to get through but it is well worth it. The crab tastes like the sea. It's pretty good. It think I prefer the snow crab to the dungeness though.

Westcoast Crab Feast - 3/4 lb each of Dungeness & Snow crab

Dungeness Crab legs & Crab Stuffed Jumbo Prawns
Awesome customer service! To say sorry for the long wait, our waitress brought out a dessert on the house! She knew that it was soon to be my mom's birthday thus the festive candle. The coffee ice cream cake was so good. Highly recommended.

Coffee Ice Cream Cake

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