Party Rocking with Ke$ha

Rocked it out with Ke$ha and LMFAO last night. LMFAO opened for Kesha. Their segment was pretty long. I don't particularly like them except for the Party Rock song. I say I hate the Shots song but it might be starting to grow on me...The crowd loved it. The band even threw a blow-up zebra and beach ball into the crowd which they bounced around.


Finally Kesha comes out after a brief intermission after LMFAO with glowing goggles. She was awesome last night. I loved the songs, loved the costumes and the crowd was loud and psyched.

There was a lot of glitter. Glitter guns, glitter drums. Glitter, glitter everywhere. I kind of feel under-glitterized myself.

Wow, there was a lot of crazy stuff shown at the concert. 1. Cannibalism - Kesha tearing out the heart of some guy and drinking the blood from it.

2. A giant dancing penis complete with testicles. Kesha smushes her face in the balls while her lackeys and a giant pear (yes, a pear) pour glitter on an audience member on stage tied to a chair with plastic wrap.

I really dig this roller derby feather costume.

They bashed a Elmo pinata in her last song! Decapitated it and threw the body into the eager crowd. I spot a unicorn! =D

Oh I want this wolf hat! It's so expensive though! $175! I guess I'll just have to be satisfied with a digital copy of it. =(

I have some video clips that I'll post later. I had a great time. Next time I'll glitter myself up and adorn myself in glowsticks!

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