Ho Yuen Kee Restaurant

Ho Yuen Kee is one of our regular neighbourhood haunts for dinner. It's located on Fraser Street and is usually pretty busy during dinner time. They are famous for their Lobster on Sticky Rice dish and it is not uncommon to see the dish on many of the tables. And finally we were going to try it!

2lbs of Lobster
 Do I feel guilty that he looks like my pet crayfish? No. Not at all.

Was it as good as I expected? YES. YES IT WAS. So delicious! My only complaint is there isn't nearly enough rice included because it was so delicious, it was gone fast. (Extra rice costs an extra $7.75)

Our other dishes:
Chicken Congee

Greens with garlic

Soft tofu and bok choy

Complimentary Green Bean Dessert

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