Disneynature's Chimpanzee - Movie Review

Last Saturday I went to an advance screening of Disney Nature's Chimpanzee with the family. I had seen the trailer and was very excited to see it.

Chimpanzee is the latest film in Disneynature's series of nature documentaries. This time Disney takes the audience deep into the forests of Africa where a band of chimpanzees live. Oscar is a playful baby chimp full of curiosity and mischievous. In this amazing true story, when Oscar tragically loses his mom, he is adopted by the unlikeliest of member of his clan - Freddy, the old grizzly male alpha chimp.

Chimpanzee is a very touching and beautiful film about these amazing creatures. The shots of the African rainforest were breathtaking. The crew managed to capture amazing footage on the chimps and shows us how intelligent they are and also how similar they are to us. It's uncanny how human some of the older chimps look. I can only imagine how the film crew felt when they look into the eyes of the chimps. Oscar is so cute and makes you smile at all his antics. Tim Allen did a great job narrating, adding his own personality to the story (listen for Tim the Tool Man Taylor!).

What I didn't like was the unoriginality of the rival alpha chimp's name: Scar. Could Disney not think of any other evil sounding names that they have to recycle old villain names? The chimp didn't even have a scar. They should have called him Lip since his lower lip hangs down, anything but Scar!

True to Disney films, the documentary gets "Disneyfied" - all the violence is dumb down and cut out so the audience doesn't see anything get killed and is let to imagine through the narration. It does get a little slow at times since it just shows the daily life of Oscar and his extended family but these points are rare and Oscar's behaviour usually comes around to make you smile and laugh again.

Chimpanzee is a great nature documentary for people of all ages to take a glimpse into the life of a chimp. And like with all Disneynature films, Disney will is making donations for every person who watch the movie on opening week. Purchase tickets between April 20-26, 2012, and Disneynature will make a donation to the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) to protect wild chimpanzees! Check out the Jane Goodall site for more information.

Chimpanzee is in theatres today, Friday, April 20, 2012!

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