TELUS Garden Celebration Event


TELUS Garden held their Celebration Event yesterday to celebrate the selling out of all their suites earlier last month. It was hard to believe that this happened without even an aggressive marketing campaign - almost all the buzz was generated by word of mouth. I only heard about it through a friend who's a Telus employee and by that time, all the suites in my price range had already been sold! Yesterday they announced that they are releasing some previously unavailable suites for any buyers that missed their chance last time round but they are still out of my price range - the least expensive one is a 2 br + flex at around $700k. D= Still I took a look around to see what the future will be like on the corner of Richards and Georgia.

There was no demo suite or anything. The only thing viewable was the kitchen and the bathroom, the finally released colour scheme and the door, which is wider and heavier than normal doors and is going to be the signature of every Westbank development from now on. Everything else was on a touch screen TV for guests to browse through. Man, the views are amazing.

Guests were invited to munch on delectable bistro creations catered by Giovane Cafe and enjoy drinks, coffee and desserts on the house while an in-house DJ spun rad tunes and Underground Circus delighted the crowd doing acrobatic feats overhead.

I was fascinated by the model of the condo and the amount of detail that the designers put into it. All the little people are going about their lives around the TELUS Garden model each telling a story of friendship, family, business, and fun in the soon-to-be-real community. I'm a little envious.

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