Caché Bistro & Lounge Grand Opening


Caché Bistro & Lounge had their official grand opening last Thursday. I've seen friends sharing photos of the delicious foods online and I've been interested in trying it out myself so when I heard that they were throwing this event, I immediately signed up.

The restaurant has been open a few months prior to this and friends of Caché brought flowers to congratulate them in their success. This day was also a time to introduce their new Spring menu.

Caché is a French and Asian fusion restaurant headed by Chef Alex Mok who had been trained in French cooking techniques.

The French and Asian influence is evident in the decor.

They also had two beautiful large mirrors that really opens up the place.

The event had live music, drinks and samples from the menu were served to guests.

The kitchen staff was working in overdrive keeping up with the demand of the samples.

mushroom caps stuffed with spinach and cream cheese
Sticky rice duck confit and pulled pork mini-sandwiches
I loved the food especially the mushroom caps. It is a stuffed portobello mushroom cap in the regular menu which I'm dying to try. And I will! I'm definitely going back to have a meal at Caché soon!

Edit: Check out my dinner at Caché! Mmm delicious!

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