EAT! Vancouver 2013

Today is the last day of this year's EAT! Vancouver, an annual food and cooking festival! I went on Friday this year having prior plans for this weekend. The advantage of going on a Friday is that the crowds are not as bad and plus you get to see everything before everyone else! You can save $2 if you buy your tickets online. It is $16 at the gate but totally worth it!

There were the usual vendors seen at as well as new ones. There are several demo stages set up where chefs or vendors give presentations and cooking demos.

Not surprisingly, the most popular area was the wine, beer & spirits tasting pavilion.

Of course, you can't leave EAT! without eating anything. There are a lot of samples for free but to eat the full sized portions you need Tasking Tickets. Tasting tickets are for sale for $10 for a whole sheet of 20 tickets or $5 for a half sheet.

I ended up using a bunch of tickets at the Urban Fare Cooking Centre. They were serving some pretty exotic meats on Friday and it only cost 4 tickets per sample!

 Coconut crusted halibut with fresh mango salsa. Mmm.

Cooking kangaroo loin. Mmmm

So the kangaroo was just a slab of meat. Where was the berry compote? =( But it was still very delicious. It was so tender and juicy. So yummy. I love kangaroo. It's one of my favourite meats. Sad that I don't have more often.

Creole Grilled Crocodile. I tried this as well haven't never eaten crocodile before. The meat is very...solid. Plus it was a little too salty. I personally prefer kangaroo over crocodile.

Urban Fare also has a little market set up where you can buy fresh fruits among other things. Don't forget to enter their draw for a $500 gift card!

Bites of Vancouver is all along the side of the Food Network Celebrity Stage. Food costs from 4 tickets to 10 tickets. 

 Global meatballs.

 The Noodle Box

 Secret Location had some Machego Puff samples (deep fried cheese).

 Chef Victor Bongo from Establishment is serving spicy peanut soup and lamb sliders.

Bella Gelateria serving their world famous gelato for 10 tickets.

EBO restaurant has lamb sliders and roti canai & chicken skewers for 7 tickets.

Beaver Tails were very busy later in the day. Dessert!

 Tacofino was serving a nice chilled avocado soup and beef tartare taco.

Dunn's Famous BC was constantly carving up smoked meat for open-face sandwiches. They ran out really fast.


Coconut Bliss - a gluten free, non-gmo, dairy free, soy free, organic ice cream. I tried their Naked Coconut and found out why their company is named Cononut Bliss when it hit my tongue.

If you missed it, you can also check out my photos from the second Celebrity Chef Throwdown on Friday.

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