No. 1 Noodle House


Last Friday, I went on an impromptu dinner out with one of my friends on Twitter. She had found out that No. 1 Noodle House in Gastown was having their grand opening and since I like ramen (or any food for that matter), I agreed to go. The place is a pop-up restaurant is owned by the same guy that opened Save On Meats and has been open for a few weeks now with a soft opening at the end of April.

The place is cash only and the tables are picnic tables.

The No. 1 Black Ramen was just added recently and being a sucker for garlic, I went for that. Normally it's $10.50 but because it was the grand opening, they had a special - any ramen and beer for only $10.

Complementary edamame and sparkling wine was given to us to celebrate the grand opening. The edamame was coated in sesame oil and slightly spicy. Nice to chew one while we waited for our ramen to arrive.

The ramen was ok. Broth was thick and creamy not too much of a garlic taste though. Noodles were slightly chewy. I appreciated the amount of ingredients in it - arugula, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, half an egg, seaweed and maybe about four slices of pork. The No. 1 Black might be the Tonkotsu but with charred garlic added. Not amazing but not bad either. 

They also have three pinball machines in the back!

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Liquid_Independence said...

Food looks pretty good, and the pin ball machine looks fun too. I like there menu, and by that I mean the clean design and layout :D Might go visit next time I'm in Gastown. People seem to have some mixed feelings about it online, but there's not enough reviews so far to justify any results yet because the establishment is so new.

Jenny said...

Yeah, people left some pretty harsh reviews. The one I had was ok. It's pretty hard to screw up ramen. LOL