Plateau Mont-Royal - Montreal, QC

This is a photo dump of the houses, buildings and streets around the Plateau Mont-Royal area in Montreal. I take a lot of photos while walking. lol We visited a few restaurants in the area as well as a board game store.

Le Valet d'Coeur was our first stop. They sell board games and have a decent selection of on sale games though a lot of them are in French only. I bought a small card game "Un éléphant ça casse énormément". Instructions are all in French but the store clerk said that it's really simple to interpret. Somehow we haven't played it yet even though it's been what half a year ago since we bought it? (We should play it W!)

Ah this was the other poutine place that I considered. Unfortunately, it was closed so good thing we went to Montreal Poutine instead!

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