Montreal Poutine - Montreal, QC

You can't go to Quebec without eating poutine at LEAST once! Our day ended at Montreal Poutine in the heart of Old Montreal. It was either this place or some other place I forget the name of, but we went with this once since it was around the Old Montreal area we were exploring for the day.

Inside it's pretty small. The place was practically empty when we visited at about 5pm.

Cute Poutine themed t-shirts hanging in the back.

There's an outdoor seating area in the back of the restaurant.

We looked at the menu briefly but we knew we just wanted the regular poutine. There are some with meats and stuff added but they are more expensive. The place also serve other foods like smoked meat, hot dogs, burgers and pizza. It didn't take too long after ordering for our poutine to arrive at our table.

Regular Poutine - $7.50
Mmm! Here it is! A heart attack waiting to happen. LOL Thick cut fries covered in cheese curds and gravy. Mmmm. I love it! Good thing we shared it, I would not have been able to finish the whole thing by myself!

So was it everything I hoped for? ... It was delicious but I'll admit it wasn't that special...sure the cheese curds were sort of "squeaky" (one of the indicators of good cheese curds apparently) but it didn't blow me away like wow, it was worth traveling all the way here to eat authentic poutine. I couldn't really tell the difference between this poutine and the poutine in Vancouver. Maybe I just built up the hype for myself. lol

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