Rob Feenie Wins Celebrity Chef Throwdown at EAT! Vancouver

Another advantage of going to EAT! Vancouver on Friday was that you get to watch the Celebrity Chef Throwdown!

The segment was hosted by Erin Cebula of Entertainment Tonight Canada with guest, Bal Arneson, The Spice Goddess from the Food Network.

This competition is in its second year and it involves three chefs having to create a seasonal dish with a secret ingredient in only 20 minutes! This year the contestants were: Rob Feenie, Executive Chef of Cactus Club Restaurants, Anna Olson, Host of Food Network's Bake with Anna Olson, and Trevor Bird, chef and owner of Fable Kitchen & runner up on Top Chef Canada Season 2. Any guesses to what that secret ingredient was? It was BEER! And not just any beer, it was the Ginger Ninja from Granville Island Brewing Co.

The Ginger Ninja even showed up to the competition! lol

A lot of the secret ingredient was going into Trevor Bird's mouth. More please.

 Even Erin Cebula was drinking the secret ingredient!

 Everyone was scrambling as the time ticked down to the last minutes!

 Champagne for everybody! Because in Erin Cebula's eyes everyone is a winner!

The finished dishes!

Anna Olson made asparagus nicoise salad and asparagus with two types of dip. One was a yogurt dip and the other a rubarb compote. It was a nice fresh and beautifully coloured dish but the Ginger Ninja beer wasn't apparent enough for the judges, Erin Cebula and Bal Arneson.

Trevor Bird made gazpacho with halibut - taking a cue from Rob Feenie. The judges loved it. The beer was subtle and not overpowering but still gave it that kick.

Rob Feenie made pouched halibut - pouched in beer and fresh ginger to enhance the ginger already in the beer! Genius! Erin Cebula and Bal Arneson practically melted when tasting it.

After much deliberation, the judges Erin Cebula and Bal Arneson, finally made their decision. Rob Feenie wins! There were some heart felt speeches by the other chefs about Rob Feenie being an inspiration and such.

Trevor Bird, Rob Feenie and Anna Olson.

I also got a chance to meet Rob Feenie and take a photo with him!

If you missed this year's EAT! Vancouver, you can see my photos here.

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