Coho Festival at Ambleside Park

The 34th annual Coho Salmon Festival took place at Ambleside Park, West Vancouver yesterday. It is an event that focuses on the environment and is held primarily to educate and fund raise for the rebuilding, repair, maintenance of salmon and other aquatic species habitats. A worthy cause!

I arrived pretty late, the festival started at noon so I missed a lot of things that were happening earlier like the Coho Walk, Coho Run, Coho Swim. I didn't reach the site until 4pm and I made a beeline for the salmon BBQ. I was afraid that they would be sold out and they almost were! They were down to their last 15 pieces of salmon!

Grilled 6.5 once Coho Salmon fillet with organic wild greens and cherry tomato salad with housemade balsamic dressing and fresh BC corn on the cob for $15. So yummy! I'm so glad we didn't miss it! I asked them to leave the skin on my salmon. I like crispy salmon skin! lol The corn was especially delicious!

Live music was playing while we ate. There were actually two stages, one main stage and the other at the the Coho Beach Bar.

The festival is a zero waste event and had only organic, compostable and recyclable materials on site. There were a lot of volunteers around to help you sort things out as well.

 This is a pretty cool crab made out of  plastic jugs and bottles!

 David Suzuki with an afro?

Learned about the life cycle of the salmon.

Life is tough for a salmon. Poisoned, crushed, eaten. A bajillion ways to die and only one chance to live.

The BC Salmon booth offered samples for festival goers to enjoy.

Candies salmon (my favourite), spicy salmon jerky and regular salmon jerky. These samples were from the Village Fish Market in West Vancouver.

Some of the interesting things we saw at the Stewardship Zone:

The festival had a great vibe and was fun! It provided lots of information about salmon and salmon habitats and why protecting our environment is important! If you haven't visited before, I recommend you do next year!

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