Phnom Penh Restaurant

Phnom Penh is a popular restaurant in Chinatown. It is always busy even late at night with wait times up to 45 mins! They serve Cambodian and Vietnamese food here and I think they are most known for their deep fried chicken wings. My friends and I decided to go eat there after visiting the Chinatown night market. We ordered a bunch of dishes to share.

Filet Beef Luc Lac on Rice with Egg ($9.95) - Perfectly stir-fried seasoned beef with sunny side up egg on rice
The beef in this dish was so tender! Pretty tasty.

Marinated Butter Beef ($13.25) -
Thinly sliced specially prepared rare beef on a bed of fried garlic, cilantro and house special sauce
 I love this butter beef. One of my favourites here. It does have a lot of cilantro on it so those with an aversion it should avoid it.

Vietnamese Steamed Rice Paste ($8.25) -
Steamed rice paste topped with baby shrimp, shredded pork. Served with coconut milk and fish sauce
We haven't tried this steamed rice paste before. It reminds me a bit like a Chinese dessert but it wasn't sweet. It had a hint of coconut and was slightly chewy in texture. 

Phnom Penh Dry Rice Noodles ($6.50) -
Rice noodles with prawns, pork, pork innards, ground pork, dried shrimp. Served dry with a mushroom soya sauce
Some times we couldn't tell what kind of innards were in the noodles. It comes with a soup. 

Phnom Penh Deep-fried Chicken Wings (L. $12.95) -
Deep-fried chicken wings with garlic, served with a lemon & pepper sauce
The deep fried chicken wings are the most popular dish here and also my favourite! They are so favourful and delicious!

Prices are decent and food is great. It's easy to to see why people keep returning to this place again and again. 

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