Hi Genki

Most people don't know about this place and you probably wouldn't know about it unless someone told you about it. Hi Genki is a restaurant in an old folks home. Yes, that's right. In an old folks home. I got introduced to this place a while back through a coworker. They serve authentic Japanese food - mostly bento boxes, udon and rice plates with decent prices and generous portions. They open at 6:15pm for dinner service and usually there is a line to get in prior to that time.

Genki Udon $8.95 - Prawn tempura, chicken, fish cake, etc.
K and I ordered the Genki Udon, which came with spinach, broccoli, one prawn tempura, half an egg, a piece of chicken and a piece of fish cake (and a tiny piece of lemon zest lol). I liked that there was so much in the bowl! The soup is flavourful and I couldn't help drinking it.  

Satsuma Udon - $8.95 - fish cakes, prawn tempura
Our friends ordered the Satsuma Udon. The udon is just plain udon noodles so they said they wished there were some greens in it like ours.

The food was decent but the service was horrible. There were a few waitresses that gave us such attitude when we asked them to check on our food since we were waiting about 40 minutes already. Make sure you order right away when you get seated otherwise, you'll end up waiting forever!

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Liquid_Independence said...

I love the food and portion sizes at this place :) Their dishes have a very home made feel. Like if I had a hypothetical Japanese grandmother, these would be the kinds of food she'd cook for me when I go visit her, haha. I was introduced to it by a coworker as well lol. So I think it's true what you mentioned about how it's all word of mouth. As a retirement home they don't really aggressively advertise themselves as a restaurant.