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It's been a while since we had a girls night out where everyone was present; the last time was probably in June for my belated birthday. A made it a point to organize this dinner for us. Our first choice was Parlour in Yaletown but our wait time went from half and hour to 1 and a half hours...forget it! So the girls went down the street to Paulies instead. Paulies Kitchen is part of the Yaletown Brewing Company group that serves Italian fare.

Paulies has a nice long table space inside, which filled up later in the evening. We sat out on the heated covered patio.

We were quite hungry and decided to split a few appetizers to start. Calimari, chickpea fries, and flatbread. I was glad to see the calimari has the tentacles included. I always thing that is the best part! It comes with a paprika mayo but I thought it was pretty good on it's own and didn't need the mayo.

Chickpea fries were soft and creamy in texture (and yummy - I could have even more of these!); not too unlike polenta fries.

Paulies meatballs baked in Marinara sauce, served over soft Parmesan polenta $17.95
Paulies was offering a special on their meatballs that night. I think it was $2 off the regular price. I was going to get it but decided to spaghetti on the last minute.

Spaghetti & clams, white wine, garlic & parsley $16.95
I'm glad I changed my mind because this spaghetti & clams was so good! There were clams in the shell around the plate as well as clams in the spaghetti. I loved the taste of the garlic. I practically inhaled it.

The rest of the girls also ordered some pasta...which I don't remember the names of. They look yummy though.

Affogato $4.95
For dessert, I decided to get the Affogato having never had it before. I thought vanilla ice cream? Goood. Coffee? Goood. And it was good. So you pour the coffee onto the ice cream. I thought the scoop of ice cream was pretty small. =/ It was good but it's pretty expensive for such a small scoop.

My friends opted for the tiramisu instead, which came in a cup.

Overall, the dinner was great but a little pricy for what it is though it's Yaletown so that's to be expected.

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