Banana Leaf Malaysian Cuisine - Broadway x Willow

My friend W.W. was craving Malaysian food so arranged a dinner out at Banana Leaf on Broadway. 

Complimentary peanuts where given to us to snack on while we decided on what to order. We decided to chose one dish each and share it family style. We asked the waitress if she had any recommendations and she gave a couple from each category; some we ordered like the noodles and the seafood dish.

Roti Canai - $7 - Flaky layered bread served with coconut curry sauce - one of India's great cullinary contributions to Malaysia
Of course, we had to order the Roti Canai. That is a given!

Char Kuey Teow - $13 - Fried flat rice noodles in sweet chili, soy sauce, egg, bean sprouts, shrimp, fish cakes, and squid.
This was only ok. I'd probably try something else next time.

Gulai Seafood - $20 - A taste of the ocean; scallops, prawns, fish, mussels, clams, and squid simmered in our spicy Gulai Sauce, turmeric, tamarind, galangal, coconut milk, giner, and lemongrass.
I really liked the Gulai Seafood. It was like a lighter version of curry, lemongrass flavoured. I used my rice to soak up the sauce from the dish. Mmmm!

Rendang Beef Curry - $15 - Rich Malaysian dish, boneless lean beef stewed to melting tenderness in coconut gravy and spices.

This was really rich. They weren't kidding in the description. Good thing we were sharing. One person wouldn't have been able to finish it all.

Wok Fried Eggplant & Basil - $13 - Eggplant fried with oyster sauce, garlic, and fresh basil.
We also added two orders of coconut rice ($2.75 each). They come wrapped in the banana leaf.

Mango Sticky Rice - $7 - Glutinous rice steamed in coconut milk and sweetened by palm sugar and topped with fresh mango.
We were quite full from the main courses so for dessert, we paired off and each shared a dessert. I had the Mango Sticky Rice with M.N. The mango wasn't as ripe as I'd liked it to be. It was more on the tart side, but that's ok, I just had to slather on the sweet coconut milk to balance the tartness. 

Pisang Goreng - $7 - Crispy fried banana with vanilla ice cream topped with crushed peanut & gula melaka.
W.W. and L.L. shared the deep fried bananas. There were two of them so it was a perfect sharing dessert!

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