Crooks, Captain and Capers at West Coast Geeks VS Nerds

The West Coast Geeks Versus Nerds held their season finale (Episode 17) at the Vancouver FanClub last week Tuesday, May 6th. It was a full house and it was one of the most successful and well attended debate of the show's history!

Opening debate was a funny one: Penny from Inspector Gadget vs Velma from the Scooby-Doo series - who is the greatest detective traveling with stupid companions.

Penny and her trusty dog Brain was on Team Geeks. Personally, I was rooting for Penny. Inspector Gadget is just way too clueless!

lol Team Nerds had their own cheer squad upfront. For those who don't know (like me XD), "Jinkies" is an exclamation that Velma says.  

Penny most definitely won - the entire Inspector Gadget universe is incompetent except for Penny and Brain!

Break for the costume contest - There was Velma, Scooby-Doo, female Jayne, female Captain Reynolds,

 And Han Solo in Carbonite! Yup, this guy won!

Main debate was one that everyone was looking forward to: the handsome Han Solo or the equally as handsome Malcolm Reynolds - who is the greatest rouge smuggler? This one I had a hard time with since I love them both.

Team Nerds represented Malcolm Reynolds. Those costumes are amazing! That guy really looked like Jayne!

Team Geeks supported Han Solo. They said that Reynolds is a "carbonite" copy of Han Solo. LOL While Team Nerds claimed that the carbonite represented Solo's biggest failure as a smuggler.

Every time Team Geeks supported their argument with something from the Star War books, the signs went up at Team Nerds. This is because it was just recently announced that Lucasfilm decreed that the Star Wars expanded universe is non-canon. That includes every Star Wars book, video game, and comic!

Team Nerds pulled out all the stops and even sung a song set to Disney Frozen's "Let it Go" tune.

Loved that Jayne character!

Not surprisingly, Team Nerds won! How could they not after singing Frozen?! (Hahaha. I'm biased)

West Coast Geeks Versus Nerds will return with all new episodes in September. But before that, they will have an exclusive debate at the Northwest Fan Fest. In the meantime, follow the WCGvN team on Twitter and Facebook.

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