Science World LEGO Travel Adventure and Green Roof Tour

Paid a visit to Science World last weekend. They currently have the LEGO Travel Adventure exhibit set up and that was the main reason K and I went. It was pretty cool to see all the travel related stuff made out of LEGO.

Paul Frank monkey on a moped. Cute!

This was the largest display. So many pieces in there! And all types of transportation modes.

 There was a history of travel display along the wall.

 This sailing ship was so cool! I'm very impressed by the sails. They curve to the "wind".

Chilling out on a beach, buying $100 ice cream cones.

 Race car!
I was also very impressed with this mural that was on the wall outside the main exhibit. Apparently, it's the largest LEGO mural in Canada! It was made out of 179,712 1x1 studs and took 5,000 builders over 14 days to complete.

I heard an announcement that there was going to be a tour of the green roof so I convinced my buddies to accompany me on it. I didn't even know Science World had a green roof! It is situated halfway up the OMNIMAX Theatre ramp.

It's a nice little garden. All planted with native plants. You can even book the space or do Yoga there!

You can see the Science World dome up close up there.

And there is an AMAZING view of False Creek and Downtown Vancouver! It was gorgeous!

Couple of bee hives up there too.

So pretty up there!

After the Green Roof tour, we went to check out the other exhibits. My favourite one is the Nature one where they have the beaver dam and all sort of cool animals.

They kept the T-Rex from their previous exhibit! So cool!

If you want to go see the LEGO Travel Adventure, this coming weekend will be the last! It ends on May 6th. It's a good weekend to go too since it is Science World's 25th Anniversary and they are offering 1989 admission prices for this weekend only! That means it's only $10 for adults and $5 for children. It is regularly $22.50 and $15.25 so it's a great deal! Plus, thanks to Concord Pacific, all the  OMNIMAX® films this weekend are free with your paid admission!

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