Tinkerine Grand Opening

Tinkerine is Canada's leading 3D printing company, specializing in making 3D printers for consumer use.  CEO Eugene Suyu is a SFU grad and has been working on the 3D printers for a several years now.

Last Saturday, Tinkerine moved to a new space in Vancouver and held their grand opening! This is it - where the magic happens. All of Tinkerine's machines are assembled in house.

Photo via Tinkerine
Tinkerine just recently debuted the DittoPro, their 3rd 3D printer on the market, costing $1,999. The previous two were made of wood, which were cool and organic looking but the DittoPro is pretty slick.

The 3D printer at work! All you need is a 3D scan of an object which can be fed into the machine via SDHC card. It heats up PLA filament then layers the plastic over and over to form the finished product. It is also environmentally friendly because all of Tinkerine's PLA filaments are biodegradable! It is made from natural corn starch! They also come in different colours.

Here is just a sample of what 3D printers can make.

Here is something any Halo fan could salivate over - Master Chief's helmet! It is made from 16 separate pieces, printed from 3 Ditto+ machines. So cool!

From simple logo pieces, game pieces, models, to complex working engine models, there is so much 3D printing can do, possibilities are endless!

Tinkerine is also Canada’s first publicly listed 3D printing manufacturing company - listed on the TSX as V:TTD.

Visit Tinkerine's website: www.tinkerine.com to find out more about this company and 3D printing and what it can do for you!

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