Alton Brown Live

Celebrity chef and TV food personality Alton Brown came to Vancouver on Friday, Feb 20th, 2015 to give Vancouverites a spectacular food show of epic proportions! Vancouver was part of his Alton Brown Live: Edible Inevitable Tour. He also ate his way around Vancouver prior to the show and hosted a flash signing (coordinates were posted on a Post-It Note via Twitter). A superfan who went to the signing had him sign her arm and had it tattooed after! She was lucky to be chosen to go on stage for one of the cooking portions of the show. It was awesome!

Prior to the show start, we were treated to a gaseous symphony performed by puppet yeast. Alton Brown is so cool. He started the show by introduced his obsession with Post-It Notes and how he has a wall of Post-Its of his thoughts and ideas. Basically this live show is everything that he wanted but can't show on TV. He had a lot of great stories involving chicken fingers among other things!

Of course, with Alton Brown, there has to be cooking. Experimental cooking that is! Ice cream and pizza were on the menu! Both were made in colossal contraptions he conjured up in that genius mind of his and built for his show!

He is known to a lot of fans as a food scientist but did you know he also sings? Haha, he performed a whole bunch of food songs that he wrote himself. So funny! The whole show was very funny and I loved every bit of it.

From @AltonBrown on Twitter
Alton Brown took a photo of the audience in the Orpheum Theatre and posted it up on to Twitter. I'm somewhere to the right. Haha.

Had an awesome time and really glad I ended up going!

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