Canapes & Cocktails Google Jelly

Google and Jelly Marketing co-hosting a night of inspirational marketing presentations on Tuesday, 17 February 2015, at Hootsuite headquarters.

Marketing representatives from Google and Jelly showed us how to utilize technology to take the marketing game to a whole new level and grow your business.

The first hour, people mingled and noshed on canapés provided by Canapés and Cocktails catering and had cocktails provided by Lavish Liquid and KisConsulting.

I loved these temari sushi. Also loved how they placed everything on a wooden platter.

Smocked Tuna, Japanese Pickle, Smocked Salmon, and Dynamite Temari Sushi.

Porchini Arancini (White wine risotto, Vancouver Island Porcini mushrooms, smoked mozzerella, reggiano cheese). These were very popular; they almost disappeared as soon as they were put out onto the table!

Canadian Slider (Prime rib mini patty, aged cheddar, maple bacon, pickle, parmesean aioli). Mmmm.

Lychee infused vodka cocktail. Yum!

After everyone had a bite to eat and a drink, we settled down into the meatier portion of the night.

Fab Dolan from Google told us that this night is a call to action. He taught us that change happens exponentially.

"If we continue to see things in linear teams, we'll fail to see threats...and opportunities." 
Take the newspaper ads for example. A graph showing the newspaper ad revenue looks like a great linear graph...until it took a nosedive. New technology caused this and if you didn't pay attention to what was happening around, you will be left in the dust and miss the opportunities that arose from the change.

"Nothing should push marketers in new directions with greater urgency than the changing expectations of consumers"
Make your marketing memorable - personalization and immersion. And use data to personalize and understand the customer. Take Google Now for instance, it takes info that you used to have to search for in your email to make reminders. They made life easier for the user.

Fab Dolan brought up the example of the cool Volkswagen Canada x Walk Off the Earth ad that let consumers know that there were different models of its Beetle from which to choose; the ad on Youtube uses three different versions of the same song, letting the user chose which version to one to watch - it also seamlessly transitions between them!

We should all be Moonshot thinking - instead of focusing on mere 10% improvements, aim for 10x gains - the moonshot! It is really thinking outside the box because there is no box. e.g. Project Loon - bringing the internet to everyone, powered by balloon.

There are lots of technology Google as available for marketers to use and create new and innovative marketing campaigns with. 

Jelly Marketing is a digital marketing and PR agency, and a Google Partner. Some of their customers include LEGO, and the Greater Vancouver Zoo. Darian Kovacs of Jelly Marketing shared some of their customer stories and how they use analytics and reports to show results of their efforts to the customer.

He also showed this amazing video of "viral spray" for customers who want to make their videos go viral. Hahahha!

Swag Google gave the attendees. One is a cool LEGO card holder with a screen wiper and pen. Apparently, Google has a history with LEGO - when they first started, the had their servers on racks made of LEGO! And the Google logo is made up from the colours of that LEGO. Cool, eh?

Jelly also gave us some raspberry jam as a parting gift. Amazing ingredients!

All in all, it was an educational and inspirational night. Thanks Google & Jelly!

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