Glenburn Soda Fountain & Confectionery

Glenburn Soda was a place I've always wanted to go to. It's a cool 50s-style soda pop shoppe and photos of their ice creams and sundaes were so enticing! So finally, K and I planned a trip there last Sunday and took our parents along. It's funny because they commented on how nowadays the younger generation likes olden day things while the older generation likes more modern things. lol

Glenburn didn't open until 2pm on Sunday so we had lunch next door to wait. We came back at 2:15pm and the place was packed already!

There were so many options...I'll definitely have to come back again to try other things!

It's always time for ice cream at Glenburn. =D

Glenburn uses local ingredients, such as Birchwood Dairy and Avalon Dairy, to make their desserts and they also buy from other local businesses!

The parents thought the sundaes were too big for them so chose just to get a ice cream cone.

Dad had vanilla while mom tried the coffee crunch.

"I went all hot and cold"
It was still the hot chocolate festival so I decided to get Glenburn's version. It came with a cute vanilla ice cream cone on the rim of the cup!

"Black Out"
K tried "Black Out," a Glenburn original. It's chocolate syrup with chocolate ice cream topped chocolate whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles, and a chocolate wafer. Chocolate overload! It was very good though!

They also sell cool vintage looking sodas and candies.

I really enjoyed our excursion to Glenburn and will be back in the future!

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