Colbie Caillat Shines at the Commodore


Colbie Caillat performed at the Commodore yesterday night and I got a chance to go to this sold out show courtesy of the Kiah & Tara Jean show on Virgin Radio 95.3. Follow them on Twitter @TaraJean953, @KiahTucker and @VirginRadio953 and also on Facebook: Kiah & Tara Jean and Virgin Radio 953 to get in on awesome giveaways and entertainment galore!
Andy Grammar opened and was pretty entertaining. He kept referring to Tim Hortons as "Jim Hortons" LOL. His music is quite good too.

I loved the stage decor. It had a relaxing feeling to it with the rugs and pillows everywhere.

Colbie Caillat drumset

Colbie Caillat was awesome. I love all her songs and so did the crowd. We sang and danced to each one! Colbie encouraged us to, too! She must have some Canadian blood in her since she kept saying "thank you" after every song. So cute. She didn't have an encore since she acknowledged how silly it was to go back stage just to come back out again and she wanted to spend more time with us! Awwww! So she just sang straight until the end. She's an amazing person and awesome artist. Yay Colbie Caillat!!!

Colbie Caillat's band

Here's a clip of my favourite song - Brighter Than The Sun

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Masey said...

With photos of that quality, you were probably the guy up front who got busted with the SLR... right?

Jenny said...

Haha! Good guess but no. I was right next to the guy though! He kept bumping me and my sis with his humongoid camera bag. I used a Lumix ZS3.