LOULOU Shop 'Til You Drop 2011


I spent yesterday night shopping at Metrotown at Metropolis for the LOULOU Shop 'Til You Drop event! It was a super fun night that a lot of people participated in. The participating retailers also went all out and hosted great parties in their respective stores. 

There was a huge lineup for the swag bags by the time I got there. Everyone got a bag though, which included a LOULOU magazine!

Find what you love was the theme of the evening. And Volkswagen Bugs were everywhere. If you didn't know, you could enter to win one by entering at the customer service kiosk at Metrotown!

The Grand Court was the place to sit back and lounge and watch performances and presentations when you got tired from shopping. The Metrotown Glee club gave several performances during the night.

There was a candy bar at the Grand Court. Metrotown provides you with the sugar you need for shopping!

LOULOU Editor, Liv Judd gave a presentation on fall trends at 7pm that I missed because I was eating dinner at Stonegrill. =( The mannequins were still there showcasing the clothing though.

The Social Media Haute Spot in the Atrium Court was the place to Tweet and Facebook - even if you didn't have a smartphone. There were laptops provided for shoppers to update their statuses which were posted on a live feed on a TV screen!

If you checked into FourSquare and show the Shop 'Til You Drop attendants at the Social Media Haute Spot, you received a cute foam Bug keychain! These were also included in some of the swag bags given out.

Now for the shopping! Forever XXI was crazy busy, with 10% off everything in store.

Almost all the stores had amazing discounts or gifts with purchases. 

There was another candy bar at Jacob. Also everything was 25% off!

The GAP had a 30% discount! Guests also had their nails done and enjoyed a frozen treat from Pinkberry! Yum!

Opus catering served up sweets and drinks at GUESS.

And GUESS by Marciano had live models standing in the display window!

What a night! It was full of deals and shopping fun! I say that 3 hours of shopping isn't nearly long enough! Can't wait for the one next year!

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Kiwi said...

This looked like an amazing event!
And omg free frozen yogurt?? O=
Wish I went to Metro instead of downtown yesterday

seapotato said...

i will definitely go next year

rc said...

Seriously?  Maybe you're getting paid to say these pleasantries but all of my friends thought it was basically a disorganized dud.  Even the video that came out today didn't even have Vancouver IN it because it was such a disaster!  Haha!  First off: MALL RATS got the swag bags, that is why none of the registered guests actually got one when they arrived!  (I heard they were very light...)  The only 2 companies that stepped up to class were Plenty & all the GUESS stores.  I didn't see Pinkberry hand those out so they must have run out.  The "candy stations" were more like stingy-stations.  The Glee Club was awesome but I have to say, the first set had major low-energy songs so the audience looked sleepy, plus the seating was arranged very strangely for watching.  On the whole, Lou Lou left the dregs to Vancouver.  After all the Montreal & Toronto hype, what a #shopdrop #fashion disappointment. 

Jenny said...

Hahah I WISH I get paid to blog! No, I really did think it was a fun event though I'm kind of jealous that Toronto got the LIGHTS concert as part of it as well. It's true mall rats got swag bags at least all the good ones. I think I overheard that the lineup started at 4pm but people were told that the lineup started at 5pm. But I got there at about 5:30 and still got a bag albeit a relatively empty one. I don't know what were in the other bags though. I went to the Gap half hour before closing and Pinkberry still had the samples out. I do agree that compared to Toronto and Montreal that the Vancouver event is extremely lacking. But what's new? Those big cities always get the biggest and the best events. Given that this was Vancouver's first year participating in this event, I'd say they did a pretty good job. I expect it will be better next year.