Vancouver Home + Design Show 2011


So I went to the Vancouver Home + Design show on Saturday with my family. This was perfect timing since we are considering doing major renos on our home and there were a couple of presentations I was interested in seeing.

Watching Ramsin's Reno gave us a lot of ideas on how to save energy and heat.

After that Jillian Harris came on to talk about decorating in your own style. She was pretty popular and drew a large crowd early on. I also found out that one of my co-workers is actually friends with Jillian! What a small world, eh?


Didn't stay to watch any cooking demos but the dishes being prepared looked delicious!

Outside the Fortis house some bacteria were walking around. lol so cute. My dad spent a lot of time inside that house looking at all the energy saving plumbing options.

How cool are these?! These chairs were on display in the centre of the aisle. Each had a before picture on the bottom. There were some pretty creatively decorated ones!


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