Real Steel - Movie Review

Set in the year 2020 where robot boxing is all the rage, Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) is a washed up ex-boxer swimming in debt, due to bad bets in robot boxing ring and losing several robots that costs a pretty penny. When his 11 year old son (Dakota Goyo), Max's mother passes away, Charlie is forced to take care of him until his aunt can return to take custody of the boy. When Charlie takes Max scavenging for parts to build another bot, the boy discovers an old sparring bot named Atom that he believes can be a fighter that his father needs. Little do they know that Atom will be the start of something big in the robot boxing arena and bring father and son closer to each other, teaching Charlie valuable life lessons in the process.

The movie was unbelievably entertaining. It has a great storyline, awesome characters and talented actors that rocked their roles. The robots look AMAZING! They are integrated seamlessly into the real live action that you really believe they are actual characters. For a kid's movie there is a fair amount of violence. Granted that it is mostly robots beating the crap out of each other but still they are human looking enough to feel sorry for them. Amazing visual effects and there are quite a few laughs littered throughout the movie too. What I found funny was that there was a tonne of product placement - HP, bing, Dr. Pepper to name a few. lol

I loved the soundtrack. It perfectly fits the scenes and it gets you really pumped up! I found myself wanting to cheer out loud during the boxing matches. I wish robot boxing was real because I'd totally go see it but only if it is as cool as in the movie!

Real Steel is in theatres and IMAX this Friday, October 7th, 2011. Go see it!

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