Christmas Laughter with the West Coast Geeks VS Nerds


Geeks Versus Nerds is a funny themed debate show that happens once a month that pits well known pop culture icons against each other and celebrates the local geek, gamer, and comic book nerd subcultures. Originally from Halifax, this show made it to Vancouver when Chris Nyarady, a debater on the original show, moved here and did not want to leave this fun show behind. Which is good for us Vancouverites! I was invited to watch the Episode 4 on Tuesday at Yuk Yuk's, which featured Sub-Zero vs Mr. Freeze and Jack Skellington vs The Grinch.

 A fairly sized audience gathered to see the show.

Jenny Burgesse of Geek Sweets is usually there selling cool themed cupcakes before the show. $3.50 each.

Super cute Jack Skellington and the Grinch cupcakes! I thought it was very creative to use a strawberry as a Santa hat!

Though the Grinch was the popular choice, I went with the chocolate Jack Skellington cupcake. Yummy!

Chris "MooMan" Nyarady is the host and producer of the show and he is hilarious! His enthusiasm is infectious and he encourages the audience to participate. And they do! That's the best part.

There are two rounds in each show and the first up was Sub-Zero vs Mr. Freeze. The Geeks had Sub-Zero while the Nerds had Mr. Freeze.

Some of the Team Nerds even dressed up and brought their own props. Though it's not absolutely necessary to know who the pop icons are, it does help. I'm not too familiar with Sub-Zero but the Mooman provides a little intro to the characters and debaters provide lots of facts so by the you'll be able to figure it out before the end. Team Geeks took this round. Winner: Sub-Zero.

The second round featured the Grinch versus Jack Skellington. Team Geek represented the Grinch and Team Nerds represented Jack Skellington.

Team Geeks also won the second round! Winner: The Grinch! They deserved the win since the almost did everything in Dr. Suess style - in rhyme ahaha! The Grinch's heart grew even bigger that day. heehee

After the debates, there were raffle prize draws with the prizes coming from WS Geeks vs Nerds sponsors: Golden Age Collectables, Gamedeals Video Games, The Connection Games & Comics, Geek Sweets.

I enjoyed myself! The debates were really fun to listen to and the participants are so funny. It's worth it to check it out if you like to laugh and are familiar of any pop-culture icons. The next one, Episode 5, which pits Gandalf against Yoda and Magneto against Voldemort, is on January 8th at the Electric Owl on Main Street. Tickets are $10 and shows happen on the second Tuesday of every month. Check out their site and updates for upcoming shows in their website

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