Fortune Garden

A couple weeks ago, I said goodbye to another one of my friends who decided to leave the country for a few years. =( We decided to have a farewell dinner at Fortune Garden on Broadway. They have parking in the back so that's a plus.

The place wasn't really busy even though it was dinner time. In fact we ended up the only table left at the end of the night.

I didn't really write down what we had. But we ordered a Peking duck, which was pretty good.


Slightly spicy tofu. I liked this dish.

I always like this type of soft tofu. This dish was simple - just sauce and green onions on top...but it tastes a bit funny since they used a fish sauce.

There were 8 of us and we ordered 7 dishes and finished it all.

Complimentary sweet potato dessert.

The food was ok.

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