Deer Garden Signatures (Fraser St)


This restaurant opened relatively recently in my neighbourhood and my family and I visited it quite a few times already. It's actually their third location, having two existing ones in Richmond. They serve choose-your-ingredients-yourself noodle combos and drinks and also other rice combos.

The $8.50 Noodle combo is probably the most popular. You fill in this sheet and get to chose the soup base, type of noodle, two toppings (extra ones are $1.25) and a hot drink.

We usually order Ovatine for our drink. It's ok, not as watered down as other restaurants, which is good.
You can order a cold drink for another $1 or a specialty drink for an additional $2 like this mango slushie. All the bubble tea drinks are made from powder though, they don't have any fresh fruit. 

"Desert Wings with Ginger"
Side orders are available in the combo to ranging from an additional $1.75 - $1.95. You can only order one type of each and a maximum of two side orders per noodle combo you order. We always like to order the Desert Wings with Ginger. They taste so good!

Pan Fried Fish Puffs
These fish puffs are also an option to be put into your noodle soup. The side order comes with a sweet and sour dip.

Soup base: Watercress and almonds fish soup. Toppings: fish tofu and beef balls. Noodle: Vermicelli (thin)
I tried both the Watercress and almonds fish soup and the Parsley & Century eggs fish soup both of these soup types come with cilantro, green onions, Chinese cabbage, bean curds and mushrooms. They will just give you more bean curds or mushrooms if you order them as your toppings. They both taste great but I prefer the Watercress and almonds fish soup since I get the extra vegetables without having to order it as a topping. I'm glad that the soup base as flavour and is not watered down.

Soup base: Parsley & Century eggs fish soup. Toppings: Bean curds and fish puffs. Noodle: Flat rice noode
I like this place, it's cheap, the noodle soup tastes great and the bowls of noodle soup are HUGE! I never can finish it, it's enough for me to share with another person with an additional side order. They do get pretty busy around the dinner hour though and you can only make a reservation if you are a party of 5 or more.

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