Leveling Up at G-List Halo 4 Tournament


Last Saturday, a secret Canadian gamer society known as the G-List held an exclusive King of the Hill Halo 4 Tournament for its members at EXP Restaurant + Bar!

So what is the G-List? Check it out here www.whatistheglist.com. Active members of the G-List get perks like discounts on games, free swag and other goodies!

EXP is decked out in Christmas decor.

I especially love the Portal Christmas tree!

All this was dished out as prizes to G-List members that attended the event. It was a lot of swag!

The G-List are run by the Misters. I think this was Mister A? He is the Founder & Chief Architect of the G-List. I think I spotted Mister C was around somewhere too.

Actress, Lee Tomaschefski was hosting the event.

And Electric Playground and Reviews on the Run's, founder and co-host Victor Lucas also attended and played a few rounds too!

I got a photo with him before he left. =D

There were small tins of Gourmet Popcorn placed at every table. I think they were Caramel Movie Style and Blue Raspberry Cloud.

I've been to EXP before this event and I knew what I wanted to order again - the  Epic Shrimp & Crab Battle for Righteousness! It's SO GOOD. This time it had some green onion tempera in it too. Awesome.

The first round of the tournament was King of the Hill style where the objective is to stay inside a marked off area for as long as possible to score points. I did not do very well in this. I had the most deaths out of everyone hahah.

The second round of the tournament was Oddball where the objective was to hold the ball as long as possible to score points. I did slightly better in this.

4th place in Oddball. I'm 'Clubby'.

There were some Lightning rounds in between and a final Slayer round with using only Energy swords. Here were the results:

Third place.

Second place.

And First place!!!

So awesome! A GIRL won the tournament! Amie Hulme got to take home a whole bunch of Assassin's Creed III swag and a Halo Grand Prize Pack, including 12 months of Xbox Live membership! Congratulations! I was playing side by side with her and I could not keep up. lol. She was amazing!

This is what a got from the event. I managed to score the UNSC hoodie through a random draw! Members that attended all received a Halo 4 tshirt and a 1 month XBox Live subscription. 

So if you've noticed a lack of blog posts recently, Halo 4 is what I've been sinking my time into. My XBox Live gamertag is jenlewaven if you want to play! =) And come join the G-List! My forum name is jenle!

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