Bon Jovi Because We Can Concert


Whoops, almost forgot to post about this! Went to the Bon Jovi concert last week on Wednesday, October 2nd. Winw and I bought almost last minute tickets through TravelZoo. Only $36 each! Granted they were on the side of the stage, plaza level but I thought they were pretty good for the price. We took the skytrain to Rogers Arena but ended up getting stuck halfway there due to a power outage or something. But we made it on time 7:30pm but discovered that he wasn't going on stage until 8:30! Boo.

Didn't bring a camera so only took a few crappy phone photos. I like Bon Jovi but am only familiar with his older hits and only a few of his newer songs. It appears that many of the people there had the same problem. Bon Jovi kept asking if we were still with him throughout the concert. And sometimes when we wanted us to sing...there weren't enough people who actually knew the lyrics. How sad! Winw and I had fun though! It was a great concert and we danced and sung along to the songs we knew. lol

Bon Jovi was so nice; he read in the paper in the morning about young fan Kaden, who's life has been uphill medical battle, he dedicated It’s My Life song to him! Living on a Prayer was the very last song and it was stuck in my head for hours!

 It's very cool when it's all dark and everyone turns on their cell phone lights. It's like a field of stars!


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